The beauty of film transcends differences, may it be be color, language or religion. Films leave a legacy like no other. Even when you return to dust and are gone, you still live on and inspire on the silver-screen. Your contributions to film often redeems you of greater sins. And your best works are updated, restored and finessed for generations over and over again.

Celluloid is a broad canvas and is all encompassing in what it can teach and achieve. Cinema teaches us to dream. Over my difficult growing up years,  I have had just one constant, that is film. I thank my parents for introducing me to its joys, especially the world of Disney, from a very early age. The days of just lounging around watching Bambi and the Lion King over and over again on VHS are some of my most cherished memories.

I believe in a higher power, and that is He who has brought me to this glorious place that provides opportunities to all, and is truly a city of dreams. Someday I make my own film.