When cinema becomes a physical experience (without 4D technology)

One of the reviewers of the Korean film “Parasite” described his post-film experience as having “staggered out of the theater”. While I am yet to watch it (it comes out in the UAE in January 2020), I had a similar experience when watching Marriage Story on Netflix.

It is probably due to lackluster content of late, I was completely unprepared for the intensity of the emotions that hit you right in the bones, the director masterfully taking you through the entire gamut of human feelings in the film’s runtime. I had to pause it at several points to catch a breath.

Despite being very dialogue heavy, it doesn’t wear you down with despair, but rather let’s you participate as a hesitant and apologetic voyeur into the crumbling of a young family.

Most importantly, the film is a painful reminder of how even the smallest careless actions can hurt the people who care for us.

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