Streaming : from the big screen to your phone

The rate at which streaming providers are rushing to produce original content and at the same time buying rights to the biggest movies is unprecedented, partly because the move of consumers to streaming at this scale, ushered in by Netflix, has rendered many traditional TV based providers less and less worthy of the high cable fees and interruptions by relentless advertising . The question is, is this move of films from theatres to streaming actually helping combat piracy? Is the pre-release bidding for streaming rights helping the producer recoup costs at a larger scale? Is it helping the film reach wider audiences across the globe and avoid censorship? Will the film industry eventually move to a streaming-first model ?

One thought on “Streaming : from the big screen to your phone

  1. Anne says:

    While I have to agree that soon cable TV providers will be obsolete, I doubt the experience of a theatre is something we can replace for a long time – or atleast till VR movies become a thing. Maybe to combat piracy, the best option would be to release the movie on a streaming app as soon as the income from theatres go down below a threshold. It’s much easier these days, because in the past we needed to buy/rent the CD to watch a movie after theatres stopped running it. At that point torrents or pirated copies were our only option. Today we can get a streaming app for a month at the cost of a CD. I love the theatre experience, but I can see how that could disappear considering the cost of a projector and a Chromecast/Fire Stick.


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