A Long Shot cut too short

I went into Long Shot with very low expectations- some crude humor and a few laughs that’s all I thought it would be. I stayed till the end of the credits, leaving feeling very fulfilled, energized and most importantly happy.

Crude… yes it was. Funny yes it was. Moralistic and preachy it was not. It was just a very real romantic comedy with 90s references and relatable scenarios.

While I was pinging my friends begging them to see it, I also read that the film was bracketed as a ‘flop’ in the international box office. Apparently it was snuffed out by the continued onslaught of big summer blockbusters the likes of Avengers that continues to deliver even more millions into the bank account of Marvel.

But what does it tell us about our changing tastes, does it mean that we only want to spend on cinema tickets if there is a special effects spectacle on offer?

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