Does Size Matter? Inflight entertainment vs 70 mm?

So I travelled a lot more than I had planned for this year. And with that came hours of me confined in a cramped space with poorly lit 8- 12 inch screens staring back at me. When flying,  I watch mostly ‘smaller’ films that never get their due when they run in cinemas the same time as a blockbuster action film, a key highlight among them was My Cousin Rachel.

Bucking my spate of watching these films, I also watched Nolan’s Dunkirk which I was told by friends is best experienced in IMAX. But sitting there in my tiny seat, I doubt the miniature screen took away from the experience. I think that in this day and age  when the appetite for VOD is rising, especially on more mobile platforms, the size of our screens probably doesn’t matter.

Generally speaking, with so many competing content platforms vying for subscribers the quality of content has also has had to thankfully match up. And that’s a good thing. Isn’t it?

As for Dunkirk, the soundtrack sure helped. Case in point…

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