Tides of Success

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I am super excited about Baby Driver. Not only is it making me feel great about my iPod Classic and crave for a Subaru Impreza and/or Dodge Challenger, but it is also a chance to sample a cocktail of engine revs and great music come together in perfect unison (at least that’s what the trailer has me believe).

I came across an interview with Jon Hamm on the movie in the Guardian. You can’t help but  be struck by the humility in this man. The trials that he had to endure both in his personal and professional lives. With the handsomeness and charisma that the heavens has gifted to a choice few to walk the earth, one would think that he is a runaway success. He has already demonstrated his acting prowess in the seven season run of Mad Men. But even that opportunity came after several years of bit roles.

If Jon Hamm has it so hard to break out in an environment, where he absolutely belongs and has the right arsenal to succeed, where does that leave the common populace who has dreams and aspirations? Is it all about luck?

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