Fast love

When was the last time you watched a good  rom-com? In the age of a myriad of dating applications, are we giving love a fighting chance anymore? With all the data/information and carefully edited pictures presented on paper right at the start, it will be like meeting on the second or third date, won’t it?

While the apps help cross out individuals who might not match our personal ideals or we are not attracted to, they give the less courageous the balls to talk to someone they actually like and deal less obviously with rejection,  are the apps also responsible for us to give up on others way too quickly? How will romcoms of the future show vulnerabilities of us human beings and life through the trials of marriage and love like previous non-digital generations have? Is that why successful/ one-for-the-library romcoms in recent times are period films or sidestep the whole digital theme entirely?

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