Spewing acid

A fan of everything ‘ancient Egypt’, I am really looking forward to Tom Cruise’s version of the Mummy. But even before I could book my tickets this weekend, my newsfeed is inundated with scathing reviews of the film. While it is in everyone’s right to expression to put out their views on a film, don’t professional movie critics have the moral responsibility to ‘critique’ and not just criticize?

As idealistic as it might sound, constructive feedback is what we as human beings should aspire to, find something good to say about everything, however unremarkable something might be at first glance.

As movie-goers we can choose whether or not we want to watch a film spending AED 50 for a cinema ticket. But critics please don’t damn a movie so badly that it creates a black hole of a vortex that might shake the faith of even the biggest fans. Don’t say things like, “even Tom Cruise can’t save this movie”. The industry supports more than just the people you see on screen.

I am certain that a movie allegedly budgeted at 125 million USD will be backed by enough research and insight into giving at least some among the audience what they want, however niche that audience might be.  Let only the characters in ‘The Mummy’  be the ones damned and not the product entirely.

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