The birth of the fifty-something female action star

How many female action stars do you see in their fifties or even their forties? Helen Mirren in the Red franchise is an exception and she was more of a marks(wo)man than bringing in the physicality that her male counterparts are expected to bring.

In that regard, Wonder Woman is a spectacle and part of that spectacle were Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen, who were all muscle and power, both of whom are in their fifties. They were fitter or fiercer than in any role you have seen them in before.

What this opens up is a whole new demographic that has been under-explored in the otherwise fatigued Hollywood engine. A new wave of films with more complex storylines and physicality for exemplary older actresses who no longer will be sidelined or having to stick to play roles such as the mom, aunt, the failure of a spinster or a cougar.

With the success of the film, it is also guaranteed that audiences will pay to see Uma Thurman back in the long-rumored follow up to the Kill Bill movies and Angelina Jolie in an action role whenever she decides to come out of retirement.


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