Why is being bad so sexy?

As someone who has always preferred villains (my alter-ego is a Bond villain) to heroes on screen, why do I take offense when people are mean in real life? Why can’t I hide the hurt-bunny face when I meet someone cocky  or insulting? Why is that what is so weirdly exciting on screen doesn’t translate as well in real life? Why are mean people so seemingly successful? When has being bad and being ‘ a bitch’ become the same thing? Why is it such a common word in our vocabulary?

And why do some people (both men and women) wear it as a badge of honor? And what does what is supposed to be what you call the innocent female dog have the nefarious badge of (dis)honor? What has that poor animal done? According to this website, a bitch typically means a lewd, malicious, irritating woman (the comparison being to a dog in heat). Why would anyone identify with that or use it as a term of self-assurance?Why have I grown so resentful of real life evil that would look totally look on point on screen? Is it really that difficult to dissect life like that, into good and bad? Are shades of grey okay? Doesn’t art mirror life and vice-versa?

I am not a prude or the moral police, but is celluloid to blame? That somehow power is equated with being mean, is that why evil is packaged so alluringly? It is probably because we all want to break free and become whatever our heart desires but we hold back for fear of societal exclusion and alienation. Maybe that is why I secretly envy those rogues who don’t blink an eye in expressing their true selves, however unlikable they might be.

In Disney films however while the villains have all the fun through the runtime, it is always the innocent virginal virtuous princess or lion cub who gets his or her true-love’s kiss. Now that’s a life-lesson ain’t it? Let’s leave it to the baddies on screen to be evil. Here’s to world peace.


World Peace GIF - WorldPeace MissCongeniality SandraBullock GIFs

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