Moving Sounds?

There are people in this world whose bodies and senses respond positively to audio triggers and I am not ashamed to admit that I am one. Music for one while it doesn’t inspire me to dance (I have two left feet), it sends my brain into some kind of overdrive, unleashing an inexplicable chemical reaction in brain that resonates and travels through the rest of me, reducing me to an almost opiate state.

The oft under-profiled world of movie scores and soundtracks is one such pleasure. Or it is the devils who mix trailers that are in many cases even better than the actual movie, think Charlize Theron‘s voice in Snow White and the Hunstman, the jumpcuts in the Suicide Squad trailers.

While I don’t expect it to touch everyone, as a huge fan of the original Blade Runner, I can’t wait to watch the new film. I wept tears of joy seeing Harrison Ford again and just as importantly that the music of the original Vangelis score has been done justice to. I have been listening to the trailer audio on loop (especially 1:23 onwards).

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