Come Back to Me

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How time just flies by! It’s been over six years since I last blogged. I am now in my 30s, but none the wiser. I am still very much the deer in headlights as life takes me through the paces. A lot has changed but at the same time nothing has.
The most drastic change of all has been the way we consume information and most importantly entertain ourselves. For someone who watches a lot of movies, Netflix has become that new normal. As a single man, who also lives alone, Netflix has been this constant over the past year, educating me and inspiring me. And almost in a fairy-tale moment, I happened to watch Julie & Julia again. The first time in its entirety.  It’s an inspirational tale of two strong women, who use the written word to express themselves, aside from the culinary delights they cook up. Amy Adams’ character Julie Powell gives her life a whole new direction through her blog, finding inspiration to drive on, and find herself all over again. As fantastical as the movie might be, it is still based on real life characters, and to me that’s what I take away. The emotions and the struggles were real. It reassures me that there is hope. Thank you for inspiring me to pick this up again Julie & Julia.
Image courtesy: The New York Times

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