Are happy endings stories that haven’t finished yet?

Growing up between cultures and now living on my own, my faith has been one of my lifelines to the way I grew up as a child, my mother tongue and my traditions. It keeps me grounded in this globalized third culture, where we are all connected yet lonely at the same time. It keeps me sane. While I have all the ingredients to be happy, am I happy? Can a few moments of elation count as happiness? As human beings, does our innate nature allow us to be truly happy?
What is the barometer for happiness? In today’s tumultuous world is it about being able to feel safe and being able to afford a meal for your children? Is it cynical for me to think that while it is easy to be happy for a time-being, being satisfied is not humanly achievable? Is there a thing as love at first sight? Is love real? Is there a difference between love and lust? Does it exist only in movies?
Do we marry and procreate only because we are afraid of loneliness and rejection when we get older and of dying alone? Why is it that fairy tales and Disney movies end at the weddings and don’t show life after? Why are we afraid to make more movies that show us this reality? Will film be the only fleeting pleasure that we have… an alternate escapist world where love lives on?
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