Some Tonic Water, A Chair and a Burger

Facebook is busy, giving itself a major ego boost, recently being valued at close to $50 billion and a movie made on it (no prizes for guessing that it is The Social Network) is making millions itself. As we speak the movie is in furious publicity-mode set for the Golden Globes. Let me take you through some interesting and inexpensive Facebook trends.

Using regular commonfolk like you and me and hardly investing a penny in terms of tech, IKEA the Scandinavian brand has managed the unthinkable. The Swedish brand used us as unwitting ambassadors by dangling carrots in the form of accessories and furniture from their catalogue. And by getting us to tag ourselves in these pictures, it gave them access to our profiles and appearances on our news feeds; not to mention an unbridled window to personal information. But the deal for you and me was that you got to win, the product you tagged first. It became their most successful digital campaign. And for all this we get to walk home with cheap furniture, which in typical IKEA fashion we have to install ourselves. Haha.

Even more bizarre was Burger King’s Facebook campaign, which involved ‘unfriending’ what we call Facebook friends…Oh well….considering the fact that we add all and sundry, disposing of a couple of friends and telling Burger King about it for a free meal doesn’t seem too bad.

And another consumable, which teases you with a luxury Facebook never really allowed earlier on, is what Mashable calls hacking into your own profile, ingenious personalisation of your profile. This is however for the Schweppes campaign which allows playing around with your profile, however carrying a teeny-weeny Schweppes logo on it comes as the price.

Now why didn’t I think of that.

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