Go Angie Go

This is a picture (Associated Press) of Angelina dressed in Atelier Versace at a promotional event in Mexico (no offence but why start there?) for her movie Salt waiting to burst into cinemas at a time when Toy Story 3 looks likely to stay strong till Thanksgiving, Nolan and DiCaprio release Inception on the 16th and the original choice for Salt, Tom Cruise, according to reports, crash-landed even with a very promising movie like Knight and Day .

A real life incident having the same ingredients as the movie you are waiting to release, and that too just days before the opening weekend. What more could your marketing department ask for? Although the ingredients are the same, the Russian spy presence in America has spread concerns over national security, especially when the one of the now publicity hungry ‘spies’  Anna Chapman is THAT hot. Angelina Jolie’s Salt that releases 23 July has almost the same subtext except that Angelina (Evelyn Salt) is an American CIA operative accused of being a Russian spy. Not much of the movie is known. Even now the director Phillip Noyce jokes that he doesn’t know much either about the movie, in an Empire article. Now that is so sticking to the spy theme. As if it is some secret mission of sorts. Let’s just hope that for Angelina‘s sake the box office coffers go ringing as well and isn’t shrouded in mystery like the movie’s plot. Meanwhile Angelina and (her PR minions) have also landed the Vanity Fair cover for this month. Man I love her.

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