Doesn’t that hurt good?

Twilight fans can take a hike. I just learnt that The Twilight : Eclipse movie releases June 30, close to when (my kind of sexy/ debauched) HBO’s True Blood returns for a 3rd season; I know what I will be watching in the sultriest summer when I will be sipping Pimms from sweating cold jugs. And not just me ; other manic fans of the series will be out baying for blood, and this June, and I want to be drenched in delicious warm red.

True blood is a twisted (in a nice way) social commentary on religion, about religious (mostly Christian on the show) extremism that has gripped most of America , my home country India and many other parts of the world. With half of the world going atheist/agnostic, the topic of the existence of God is a touchy topic. Over zealous religious leaders, bastardly individuals, splitting the world, turning people against one another, True Blood has true meaning, and shows balls in the effort to make you think.True Blood also discusses interracial love and brotherhood, all the while making it an epic fantasy between the vampire and the human. Isn’t this divide on the basis of religion, sexuality and colour very strange when education and technology have apparently brought the world closer and made it a smaller place? The beauty of the show is that it doesn’t criminalize any community, and flaws are easily seen on either side of the spectrum.

The series might be a little hard for some to stomach with graphic violence,decapitation, orgies featuring very real people, cannibalism and in some cases bestiality. In the cases of the human protagonists Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin , they put themselves on the firing line for the protection of their loved ones and in the last season their town.

Episode upon episode, I have only been more and more impressed by the production values and scale of the show. Not to mention the sheer number of people in the cast, and the technical team HBO employs. The recession doesn’t seem to have touched the dazzling glamour of the show even the slightest. And in terms of product placement, the brands that resonated with me , a non-American, are just Mountain Dew and the Nintendo Wii and yes Tobasco sauce. In terms of marketing tactics, the minisodes , the ‘Waiting sucks’ campaign and the posters (that pop out of nowwhere bearing no original characters) are decidedly evil.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner should either run for cover or be put in a crèche with a nanny on watch . Badass Bill Stephen Moyer is coming and fast…for your supple skinned throats.

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