Sir Mix-a-lot will be proud

Joan Holloway the ginger-haired foxy cleopatra in the sepia toned noir-drama series Mad Men is an understated siren. She has been teasing from under cotton dresses and coloured Jackie-O jackets since the retro-series began. Now she is on the cover of the latest cover of the American Esquire in a dress that barely contains her God-given assets.

Mad Men is currently shooting its fourth season and is a grimy and debauched tale of the 1960’s American advertising industry. Esquire magazine recently crowned Christina Hendricks ‘the most beautiful woman’ with a whopping 30 per cent of the votes; beating off competition from Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima and Angelina Jolie wannabe- Megan Fox .Once subsidiary and now arch rival GQ recently named full bodied Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as ‘Britain’s most beautiful.’ Although in the typical chauvinist fashion of a lad’s magazine these women were in various states of undress in the photo shoots; this is an interesting twist in the beauty ideal, with two premium male magazines featuring healthy women as their “sexiest’. And how much ever bra-burning feminists deny it; most women see other women and their own bodies through the male eyes. And whatever is considered most ‘desirable’ in a time span is considered the ideal or standard of how a beautiful woman should look. Ever recall the sheer number of women strutting their stuff in painful looking thongs and G-strings? And today’s media reaffirms this mentality of… women and sadly many teenagers get pulled into the undercurrent. But at least I am grateful for the anorexic era to have passed. Most men now at least hope to have girlfriends and wives with meat on their bones. With 36-32-36 dimensions according to Christina is truly nubile/ well endowed, but in an earthly, wifely way .And just so you know Christina is very much married.

Following the deaths of many models around the world due to anorexia related complications, many fashion-week organisers stepped up. The Madrid Fashion Week used models only above the body mass index of 18. Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Prada used curvy models this year at Paris and London fashion weeks. Some designers have bucked the trend and continue to use skeletal models. The thin-girl trend caught on closer home in India in Bollywood with size zero queen Kareena Kapoor paving the way for actresses to take better care of their bodies. And no…it hasn’t yet come to a point of worry as in the western world, as Kareena apparently followed a strict exercise regimen rather than extreme-dieting. Extremely skinny Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum are stunning women in their own right. But strangely Heidi’s weight loss post each of the four times she gave birth seems to be more newsworthy than her actual talent at being an entrepreneur and fashion icon in her own right. The irony is that Miranda Kerr was marketed as curvy at the Paris Fashion Week. Is curvy a relative term? Sure she inspires many women to look a particular way as she is a male fantasy figure, but at what cost? Millions of adolescent girls who hope to be models someday see women like Miranda in men’s magazines and on the covers of lingerie shops. So putting Christina on the covers is a healthy direction of the male magazine industry to promote women of such healthy dimensions. As a man myself I was beginning to tire of woman upon woman looking like clones off a conveyor belt. Hope Christina doesn’t just become a pinup, and inspire fashion companies to have full bodied models instead. Trailblazing feminist and author of the Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf who blasts the idealized concept of female beauty—the Iron Maiden can smile again.

Karl Lagerfield once insensitively said :

“No one wants to see curvy women. You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly.”

But men of today seem to think otherwise Karl, sorry curvy is here to stay.

In other Mad Men news, creator Matthew Weiner has hinted that he will be closing the doors on Sterling-Cooper (currently Sterling-Cooper-Draper & Pryce) in 2012, ending Mad Men after it’s sixth season.

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