Bloody Vigilante Comedy- No not an oxymoron!

I had the fortune of seeing a very strange comic book adaptation last week, but a bloody(pun intended in all respects) entertaining one at that- Kickass. No this is not a movie review. With bloodshed and bodycount toeing Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds territory,the high point of this good-vs-evil action hoopla is the 13 year old bundle of kicks and punches Chloe Morentz. She brings on a disturbing Lolita-esque charm that once-upon-a time put Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields in the press. But somehow media attention to this child saying ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ and slicing legs off villains with absolute relish without batting a lid has been rather minimal. Is it because of clever PR or is it that our sensibilities have changed towards violence and cussing.Or was it the opposite?- did they seek controversy giving this child a short tartan skirt and lots of ammo,but failed??? It also stars a haggard looking Nicolas Cage, who still has the acting chops on him.

Hollywood posterboy(man) Brad Pitt produced this oddball but definitive movie of our times. It was probably because Pitt came fresh out of the Quentin Tarantino -directed I-need-to-have-a shower-after-this bloodbath extravaganza Inglorious Basterds to not have issues with violence. And having a one time funeral director aspirant and fatal siren at home, (who throws knives, loves putting bullets into people(in movies only)and enjoys cutting herself), for his “wife” sure is’nt helping things.

And as for my pet topic product placment, it was a classic case of GM vs Ford, with the leads (albeit terribly uncool 18 year olds, and dorky ones at that) driving a red hot Mustang. The Mustang featured all the latest in gadgetry and had a sound system that would blow your clothes off.Well…they made it look like that. HAHA. The song however they chose to nod/headbang to was Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. Strange, but totally hits the hilarious-nail on its head.Strangely the speeding horse logo (the mustang)was missing, well…who doesnt recognise a Mustang huh? They were followed by an ugly boxy GMC truck(the signage with the logo intact which lasted on screen for a good 10 seconds) with all the henchmen. Wierd huh? And not to forget a curvaceous Claudia Schiffer sprawled across the 70mm. Now.. that was a good call Brad.

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