The September Issue

Miss G, you are one of the fortunate few to have met the high priestess of fashion in the flesh so this one is for you!!

The original Ice Maiden. Anna Wintour, the doyen and editor-in-chief of that thing called Vogue.The HMV store down on Queen’s Street here in Cardiff is a regular haunt for me.And I am quite the bargain hunter ,which led me to the £5DVD section. Anna‘s bug-eyed Chanel glasses and classic pageboy-bob and the tag ” The Real Devil wears Prada” screamed at me from the aisles. Renting the movie off Itunes was a cheaper proposition and I loved the experience. The September Issue 2007 had a rather “toothy” Sienna Miller on the cover and with 840 pages each and shipped some 13 million copies and was responsible for the death of a large portion of some Amazonian rainforest.I felt a strange lump in my throat(not to mention that the soundtrack to the movie is just as amazing), as I saw the sheer pain and hardwork Anna and her team put into making “Vogue‘s biggest issue ever”. The movie also proved to be a window to the inner life of Ms Wintour, her daughter, her Long Island mansion and Anna‘s unique friendship with creative director Grace Coddington,with whom she is also constantly at loggerheads with. They also offer a peek into their personal photographs of yore, both stunningly beautiful women in their youth. The media has caricatured Anna into pure evil-Yes!she likes her fur-which she is also quite unapologetic for; but we have to appreciate the hard cold assassin-like business demeanour with which she has made Vogue what it is today- an absolute religion for some . The TV show Ugly Betty had a character in the first season, Fey Summers, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Wintour. But Anna is warm and SMILES , and appears to take care of her employees and encourages young talent; the GAP Design Edition winner Thakoon Panichgul was featured in the movie. Vogue , sister publication of my Mother-Ship GQ is still going strong when cult magazines like Gourmet have already been killed. I can see Vogue only on glossy perfumed pages and multiples of kilograms and never on an iPhone. Maybe in a many years Vogue might be a thing of nostalgia,like a tape or a vinyl record ,when all other magazines join the social media bandwagon and go electronic-only. Vogue will live on. And only on high quality paper. Wintour– Take a Bow.

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