Uma Thurman

Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Dangerous Liasons, three supremely delightlful performances from one tall woman. The virginal Cecile,the cokehead Mia Wallace, and crazy-hot vengeful mom in a yellow catsuit-(with a samurai sword to boot) “the Bride” are all etched DEEP into my head.My good friend Maren enlightened me on the awful article has put up with a headline that read, “The Uma Thurman film so bad it made £88 on opening weekend”.

Cmon Guardian! Everyone has his/her highs and their lows. But news articles with humiliating headlines like these can destroy this 6 foot tall mom of two’s career.Is it because she is turning the big 4-0 this year? Sure, it was a PR stunt gone wrong, to have opened a film (Motherhood) like this in just one London cinema and expected purely word of mouth to do the trick; in this day and age. And yes Uma has been making movies like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and My Accidental Husband of late.I wouldnt like to see Uma get all dejected, and it affect the performance of the existing movies she HAS committed to. Give Uma Thurman a break, she has produced outstanding work in the past and who doesnt make bad films? We all do. ;-)According to IMDB, The Bride returns for a kill in Kill Bill Vol 3. It is slated for a 2014 release. I can’t wait to see it. Please go to a cinema near you and watch Motherhood, For Uma!

Mrs Mia Wallace’s exit quote i.e. before she gets all bloody and gaspy.

“I have to go powder my nose.”

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