Spartacus- Blood and Sand

What is hailed as the most explicit mainstream TV show on earth, is only getting better. It’s heady cocktail of full frontal nudity , chilling violence, crude language and simulated sex has already pushed the 10 episode old Starz Network show into serious 7 figure viewership across America. Not counting the millions that watch the show online through dubious links. And aah now for the getting better bit- Andy Whitfield the former Aussie model CAN act. In a tightly directed episode Party Favors Andy(Spartacus) depicts the inner turmoil to the T where he is required by his master to take the life of his best friend Varro as a form of entertainment for blood thirsty onlookers.

This particular episode took viewers past the baser needs otherwise satisfied by this show and can get Andy atleast an Emmy nomination. The show has been called “sleazy” among other things by conservative sections of the society. The second season of the show is on hold as of now, as Andy recovers from a treatable form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Lucy Lawless, popularly known as Xena the warrior princess , also is on full display, acting prowess included. The movie 300 was for amateurs, this is the real deal. And definitely not for the faint-hearted.Can’t wait for the second season.

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