The Comeback

The Comeback! Watched the first and ONLY season of it this week.Lisa Kudrow at her finest. The reality of reality TV. A TV show so brutally realistic, that in today’s world of cameras following “stars” like Jordan , Cheryl Cole and Denise Richards, the Comeback is a painful ode to what people will do to get back into the spotlight. The world is a “collective” voyeur so to speak, and the savage treatment of Lisa’s character, Valerie Cherish is testament to the resolve of many talented actresses to their dedication towards their art and bread. Valerie puts herself inadvertently through a poorly scripted sitcom ” Room and Bored”..and tries desperately to be in the limelight. The Comeback also shows the very ugly side of TV production, how ageist and sexist it can be. Kudrow doesnt hesitate to be all wrinkled and embarassingly real. The supporting cast is stellar,actors made to look like non-actors,ironic yes;but effective yes yes yes!!!Sex and the City director Micheal Patrick King and FRIENDS star Phoebe a.k.a Lisa Kudrow create a little gem of a TV series that unfortunately lasted only a single season.

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