Akira Kurosawa- The Centurion-23rd March 2010

As an English literature graduate,I had the good fortune of discovering “Rashomon”. A thinly veiled allegory on the Japanese defeat in the second World war, transplanted so beautifully into the Japanese-rural.And into the ethos of all mankind. Rashomon is adapted from two stories by early 20th century great Ryunosuke Akutagawa.In this week that we celebrate his 100th birth anniversary, let’s take a moment, and thank this man, for having made cinema what it is today. Kurosawa’s use of sound and the contrasting use of light (Chiaroscuro) to drive the movie is exemplary. Rashomon is a must-see for any cinema enthusiast,the film’s impact on the viewer’s conscientiousness and conscience is immense. The film’s message is that we human beings see ourselves as shades of light, and almost in all cases in one, favorable, light. Rashomon challenges the conventions of truth and knowledge. And going back to the Kurosawa’s gift of “sound”, if you an audiophile with all the latest in sound technology, u probably have Kurosawa to thank. Maybe that’s why Nakamichi and the WALKMAN by Sony were from Japan. Hahaha!In the trailer below, notice the use of music, the cello and the violin used to eerie effect, maybe George Lucas and Spielberg have taken a leaf from it. 😉

“Real sound does not merely add to the images, it multiplies it.” -Kurosawa

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